Does your MEP run a ghost office?

Journalists of The MEPs Project revealed that one out of three MEPs across the EU does not maintain a national office or has declined to disclose its location. Regardless, they receive 4342 euros every month mainly to finance these offices.

The data gathered by journalists in all 28 Member States can now be searched by name, nationality, EU political group and national party. We invite citizens of Europe to help us carrying out monitoring activities that the European Parliament does not perform. Go #Officespotting and tell us about it, and let us know if we have made mistakes in our findings. You can reach us here.

Has an office: YES NO
Number of offices: 13 10 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1

MEPs’ photos: © European Union 2014 - EP, © European Union 2015 - EP, © European Union 2016 - EP, © European Union 2017 - EP.

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